Dispensary technology that helps you grow.

Retail technology that enables Self Service ordering, TV Menus, and interactive kiosks for cannabis dispensaries.
Self Service Kiosks for Cannabis Dispensaries
Dispensary customer ordering cannabis from self service kiosk software

Self Service Ordering

Give your customers the ability to order cannabis products safely, quickly, and privately. Our self-service kiosks send orders directly to your point-of-sale system.

TV Menu Signage

Seed’s easy-to-read product menus are customized for your dispensary’s branding, with no ads. You choose what products and promotions you want on each screen.

Dispensary Menu TV screen signage automatic displaying cannabis products from POS
Dispensary customers getting product recommendations from tablet education software

Interactive Kiosks

Free up your staff by letting our touchscreen kiosks and tablets serve your customers’ needs. Seed will answer cannabis questions, provide product details, and recommend what to buy.



Our step-by-step consultation quiz learns about your customer’s preferences and gives them recommendations on what to buy.

Interactive Menu

In addition to the wall-mounted Seed TV menus, our interactive kiosks and tablets allow your customers to browse, filter and search your entire product catalog.


As the marijuana market continues to grow, your dispensary will get more first-time cannabis customers. Our Cannabis 101 section allows customers from any experience level to get answers and learn more.


Ready to Grow Your Dispensary?

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