Grow your dispensary.

Discover Cannabis Retail Technology designed to improve the in-store experience, retain your customers, and grow your dispensary.
Seed technology

Give your customers the autonomy they crave.

Explore the Cannabis dispensary self-service option you didn’t know was possible.​ Give your customers the freedom to make a selection pressure-free. Offer both novice and avid consumers the cannabis education and product knowledge they need to find the right products.

Give your staff the tool they need to be their best.

Even your newest budtenders can take customers through an interesting and inspiring consultation and sales experience (every single time) with the help of Seed.

Seed technology
Seed technology

Elevate your customers' in-store experience.

No more wasting resources behind the cashier lane or in the waiting room. With Seed’s interactive experience, your customers can learn all about your products and shop on their own. Your staff can now invest all their energy into assisting customers & driving sales. 



The Seed Consultation is a self-exploration process offering your customers the option to privately discover the right products for them.

Self-Service Ordering

Customers can “fill their bag” on their own saving time for your staff and enhancing the sales experience for your customers.

Digital Menu

Allow your customers to scroll through your menu, learn about the products you carry and choose what they want to buy. Then Seed will send their selections directly to your POS for a quick checkout.

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