Cannabis 101: Let Your Customers Educate Themselves

Your dispensary’s customers can use our Cannabis 101 on touchscreen kiosks to learn about the world of cannabis.

Matt Cutone, CEO of Seed Technology

Since day one, Seed Technology has focused on educating consumers on the benefits, differences, and risks of cannabis. 


Learn how our application uses education as a tool to match your customers to products they’ll love. 

Dispensary kiosk screen software for interactive menu, self service ordering, and cannabis education

Personalized Consultations

Our customizable interactive consultation recommends products based on customer responses. Collect valuable data on what your customers are shopping for while advancing your retail goals. 

FAQ, Glossary, and Topics in Cannabis

Common terms, questions, and concepts in cannabis are explained in a format tailored to the in-store experience.

Dispensary customer places cannabis order on self service kiosk screen

Accessible Product Information

Give your customers the up-to-date information they need to have a positive shopping experience. Educated consumers buy more product!

Seed Technology is dedicated to making your workflow easier and creating an enhanced shopping experience for your customers. Schedule a demo with us to learn more about our Self Service and TV Menu!


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