Cannabis Consultation: How Does It Work?

Seed Technology’s consultation quiz learns your customers’ preferences and gives them suggestions on what to buy.

Matt Cutone, CEO of Seed Technology

A personalized consultation is a surefire way to ensure your customers have a positive product experience and become repeat buyers.


Seed Technology’s Cannabis Consultation uses customer responses, current shopping trends, product information and other data to recommend products from your inventory to your customers. 

Dispensary customer places cannabis order on self service kiosk screen

1. Customer Takes Consultation

Our Customer Success team will work with you to design a consultation that collects relevant consumer data, is helpful to customers, and advances the retail goals of your unique operation.

Product Recommendations and Self Service Consultation

2. Customer Receives Product Recommendations

Our application uses a customer’s responses combined with sales trend data to suggest products from your store’s in-stock, available inventory.

Dispensary checkout transaction customer pickup order of cannabis products

3. Checkout with Self Service

In just a couple more taps, customers can add recommended products to their cart, browse related products, and then submit orders directly to your store’s point of sale for fulfillment.

Seed Technology is dedicated to making your workflow easier and creating an enhanced shopping experience for your customers. Schedule a demo with us to learn more about our Self Service and TV Menu!


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