Seed TV Menu: How Does It Work?

Managing TVs is often a pain point for dispensary owners. Seed TV Menu makes it easy to communicate your products and promos to your loyal customers.

Matt Cutone, CEO of Seed Technology

Seed TV Menu the easiest way to display your dispensary’s product menu and promotional media. Your TV Menus can be customized for your needs—you choose what products, images, or videos you want on each screen. Also, no ads!

Dispensary staff easily configures TV Menus with the Seed Technology team

1. One-time configuration

Our team works with you to configure your TVs, connect to your POS system, and customize for your dispensary’s branding. 

Seed TV channels are assigned to the TVs across your dispensary

2. Assign channels to each TV

Each channel on Seed TV Menu includes product menus, images, and/or videos. For example, you could have an “All Products” channel, “Edibles only” channel, and “Daily Specials” channel. Each TV in your store is assigned to one of these channels.

3. That’s it! Your TVs are ready to go.

Seed TV Menu is integrated with your POS system, so your current inventory is automatically updated on your TVs. Now you can focus on running your dispensary!

Sophisticated dispensaries across America and Canada trust Seed TV Menu for their digital signage.

Seed Technology is dedicated to creating an enhanced dispensary experience for you and your customers. Schedule a demo with us to learn more about our TV Menu and Self Service!


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