Self Service Ordering: How Does It Work?

Self Service by Seed Technology increases your operational efficiency and helps you serve more customers!

Matt Cutone, CEO of Seed Technology

Integrating Seed Technology’s self-service kiosks allows your customers to place orders on easy-to-use touchscreens, speeding up transactions and freeing up your staff. Let’s take a look at how our technology fits into your existing work flow. 

Dispensary customer places cannabis order on self service kiosk screen

1. Customer places an order

Your customer can browse your product menu on a Seed kiosk, take our consultation quiz, fill their shopping bag, and checkout.

Cannabis order is sent to dispensary point of sale POS system

2. Order is sent to your POS system

The customer’s order goes directly into your point-of-sale system and an optional fulfillment ticket will print. We are integrated with Flowhub, Leaflogix, COVA, Blaze, Treez, and more!

Dispensary checkout transaction customer pickup order of cannabis products

3. Transaction is finished at the register

Once the order is fulfilled, you’ll meet the customer at the register to collect payment.

Seed Technology is dedicated to making your workflow easier and creating an enhanced shopping experience for your customers. Schedule a demo with us to learn more about our Self Service and TV Menu!


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