How Seed Technology supports your dispensary staff

Self Service by Seed Technology assists your staff members and helps your dispensary run more efficiently!

Matt Cutone, CEO of Seed Technology

We’re often asked with skepticism: “is Seed supposed to replace my budtenders?” and the answer is NO!

Our application supports your retail staff as they better assist customers and allows a shift of focus to higher value initiatives and high touch customers.

Dispensary customer places cannabis order on self service kiosk screen

Self Service saves time

Adding Self Service to your store is an easy, versatile way to give your customers more ways to order. Self Service helps break lines, lets your staff focus on high touch customers, and automatically up-sells. 

Your products update automatically

Products displayed on Self Service kiosks and TV Menu displays update automatically as inventory changes in your point of sale. No more spending time frequently updating menus!

Your customers get clear, consistent information on their own

Having a repository of verified, relevant cannabis information specific to your products easily available in-store helps staff and customers accurately navigate the cannabis landscape. 

Seed Technology is dedicated to making your workflow easier and creating an enhanced shopping experience for your customers. 

Schedule a demo with us to learn more about our Self Service and TV Menu!


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