How to use tech to speed up dispensary transactions

Amber Erickson | Head of Marketing at Seed Technology

Amber Erickson, Seed Technology

For busy dispensaries, revenue is limited by the number of customers you move through your store each day. The more transactions you process, the more money you make. It’s as simple as that.


The risk is your wait times — too long and customers will go elsewhere.


By speeding up transaction time, called throughput, you can increase sales and profits. But the additional benefit is customer satisfaction. If you can run a quicker sales process, while still answering all questions and guiding them toward the best cannabis products for their needs, everyone wins.


How can you speed up transaction time without sacrificing service? With technology. 


It all starts with the lobby or waiting room. Customers are spending just as much, if not more, time in waiting rooms than at the sales counter. Use this time to educate customers and begin the transaction process.

dispensary waiting room with signage and self service

Digital signage

The ideal waiting room playlist includes your menu, current specials, and featured products. The idea is to educate them on what you offer, and encourage them toward your featured or high-margin products. 


Depending on your waiting room layout, and number of screens, you could cycle through your whole menu or highlight the top few products in every category. 


Start with your dispensary digital menu strategy: do you want customers to see everything, or do you want to influence behavior toward certain products/brands?

Self ordering kiosks

Take your waiting room to the next level with self-ordering kiosks. This allows shoppers to browse products privately and at their own pace, build their own cart, and place their order from the waiting room. It also gives them something productive to do while they wait, making the wait time seem less significant. 


The benefit? Their order is ready by the time they get with a budtender, and all they need to do is pay and grab their exit bag.


Depending on your dispensary layout and workflows, you can fast-track kiosk shoppers, getting them in and out in record time. This also frees up space for customers who prefer to spend more time browsing products.


Self-service is great for three types of customers:

  1. Experienced visitors who know exactly what they want. These shoppers want to be in and out quickly, and speedy transactions will increase their likelihood of returning.
  2. Inexperienced consumers who appreciate the space and time to browse your menu, while being able to click in to read the details, see all pertinent information (like THC %, price, lab info, etc.), and find suggested products based on their preferred consumption method and use frequency.
  3. People who like options in how they buy, often your millennial and Gen-Z customers. We’re used to self-service and tech-integrated shopping experiences and prefer to have the choice.
Dispensary customer using self service kiosk

Cashless payment options

Once with a budtender, the actual transaction can be quick and painless, or slow and awkward. Your POS, and particularly payment processing, is a big factor in speed and convenience for dispensary customers.


In-store transactions facilitated by TreezPay are speedier, and your customers can get all the products they want without being limited by the cash in their wallets. Transactions using TreezPay reduce average ticket times by up to 15%. That means you can complete more transactions in less time and reduce costs while substantially increasing revenue. 


Beyond just speed, TreezPay PIN debit terminals allow contactless payments. The customer only needs to have a debit card loaded into their digital wallet. Another advantage with PIN debit is that you don’t have to make change, as you do with a cashless ATM solution. 


TreezPay is the first fully-integrated cannabis payment processing solution to offer three cashless payment options for retail dispensaries:

  • PIN Debit allows your customers to pay with their debit card and PIN at checkout.
  • ACH payments allow customers to securely link their bank account to pay online or in-store.
  • Cashless ATM payments work similarly to a regular ATM transaction, without the use of physical cash
Treez POS in a dispensary

Decrease wait times and speed up transactions with Treez + Seed

Seed self-service and SellTreez POS are integrated to allow orders to move seamlessly through fulfillment without the need for additional ordering platforms. 


Customers can use kiosks to view live, up-to-date inventory synced directly with SellTreez POS. This means they are only browsing current products and can build an accurate cart. Once their order is submitted, it’s sent straight to Treez fulfillment for processing. 


Want to learn more about how Treez and Seed Technology can help cut down on wait times? View this doc for a quick breakdown of the integration.


Contact us for a demo to get all your Treez x Seed integration questions answered. 

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