Seed TV Menu

Showcase your brands.
Multiply your profits.

Seed TV Menus are trusted by multi-location dispensaries across the country

Are your menus
increasing your sales?

Seed TV Menu is proven to help cannabis retailers grow their profits and operate more efficiently.

Launch new menus in minutes

Save time on your menus with easy-to-use layouts, media management, and playlist builders. You have complete power to create, update, and play your menus or promotions quickly. 

More eyes on your brands

Promotions are simple in Seed TV Menu, so you can guide shoppers toward high-margin house brands. Plus, charge slotting fees and your menus will pay for themselves.

In-store marketing with proven ROI

Reach customers with consistent messaging across all channels — including in-store. Our menus are proven to influence shopper behavior, while helping you build loyalty and trust.

Dispensary TV Menus are proven to help retailers

Decrease Time Per Transaction
Increase Sales Lift on Featured Product
Create a Modern Shopping Experience
Reduce Staff Time of Managing Screens

Your menus will always be accurate

We partner with all major POS companies to ensure your inventory, prices, and deals are always up-to-date. Seed TV Menus automatically update — no staff time needed.

Seed provided for us what everybody else couldn't ... a way to access the stores simply, easily, and in real time to populate campaigns.

Katie Howe
Retail Marketing Manager, JARS Cannabis


Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about Seed TV Menu:

How are the TV menus populated?

Seed integrates with your POS system to automatically populate your TV menus with actual in-stock inventory and prices (including specials).

We have API integrations with all the major cannabis POS and ecommerce companies to make sure your menus are always accurate.

What hardware do I need for Seed TV menus?

Your dispensary TV menus display on a TV screen, powered by Apple TV. You can use existing TVs/Apple TVs if you have them.

Visit our Hardware page for more information. 

Can I show daily deals or promos on my TVs?

You sure can. We suggest using your screens in strategic ways to inform and educate your customers, such as highlighting deals.

Do I have to go into the store to update my TVs?

Nope. Everything is done using our cloud-based application, Seed Manager. Simply log in from your computer (wherever you are), update your menus, upload media, or make updates. You can preview everything before you publish. You'll then pair that playlist with your preferred TV (at any store) and it'll display.

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