Dispensary TV Menus

Seed’s menu solutions are the easiest way to display your dispensary’s product menu. Our easy-to-read TV menus can be customized for your needs—you choose what products and promotions you want on each screen. Also, no ads!



Cannabis Retail Digital Signage

Customized for your dispensary flow

Our team helps you determine the best configuration of TV screens for your retail space. TV menus can be oriented horizontally, vertically, or a combination of both.

You choose what to display on each screen

Create your own playlists incorporating product lists, custom graphics, and/or video. Strategically use your screens to encourage customer behavior toward specific products/brands.

Dispensary Edibles Promo TV Display

Manage your screens remotely

Our easy-to-use dashboard allows you to manage every screen in every store from any web browser. Create one layout and immediately populate it with each stores’ live inventory.


How are the TV menus populated?

Seed integrates with your POS system to automatically populate your TV menus with actual in-stock inventory.

What hardware do I need for Seed TV menus?

Your dispensary TV menus display on a TV screen, powered by Apple TV. You can use existing TVs/Apple TVs if you have them.

Can I show daily deals or promos on my TVs?

You sure can. We suggest using your screens in strategic ways to inform and educate your customers, such as highlighting deals.


Dispensary TV Menus have proven benefits:

Decrease Time Per Transaction

Increase Sales Lift on Featured Product

Create a Modern Shopping Experience

Reduce Staff Time of Managing Screens


Ready to Grow Your Dispensary?

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