Seed Integration Partners

Working together to automate cannabis dispensary operations.

Cannabis Point of Sale Partners


Seed + Flowhub offers  seamless self-service ordering and beautifully-designed interactive digital menus. 

Blaze dispensary POS logo

Seed + Blaze allows dispensaries to offer self-service and interactive menus effortlessly.

Treez POS logo

Seed + Treez allows us to display accurate, up-to-date product information without additional effort. 


Seed + Greenbits by Dutchie ensures a positive customer experience with auto-updated TV menus and self-ordering kiosks.


Seed + Leaflogix by Dutchie offers always-accurate digital menus and integrated workflow for in-store self-ordering.


Seed + Cova automates to keep your in-store digital menus and interactive kiosks up to date.


Seed + IndicaOnline allows your customers to always see accurate product inventory on your TV menus or self-order kiosks.

weave-IQ-POS-logo-white copy

Seed + Weave ensures a positive experience for customers through up-to-date TV menus.


Seed + MJ Freeway offers accurate in-store menus and automated workflows for in-store self-ordering.

Other Major Partners


Seed + Jane makes Jane’s vast library of products and product descriptions available to view in-store, and allows for self-service ordering. 

springbig Logo

Seed + springbig makes data collected from customers on Seed devices available in the springbig CRM to help create smarter marketing campaigns.

dutchie logo

Seed + Dutchie powers a perfect trifecta for shoppers with POS, ecommerce, and in-store digital signage and self-service ordering options. 


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