Cannabis consultation: How it works

Seed Technology's cannabis consultation learns your customers' preferences and gives them product recommendations on what to buy.

One of our core beliefs is that cannabis consumers should leave with the best product to fit their needs.

Whether it’s medicine, or a fun night out, the right cannabis product + the right product type can help ensure a safe and successful consumption event.

What is a cannabis consultation?

A personalized consultation is a surefire way to ensure your customers have a positive product experience and become repeat buyers. Often this consultation, or process of answering questions to arrive at a decision, is done one-on-one with a budtender (or pharmacist).

But consultations can also be facilitated through technology. The cannabis consultation built into Seed self-service uses customer responses, current shopping trends, product information, and other data to recommend products from your inventory to your customers. 

How Seed self-service consultation works


The cannabis consultation comes standard with Seed, regardless of whether you have self-service ordering enabled. In addition to the consultation feature, shoppers can also learn about Cannabis 101 (an education tool) and browse your product inventory at their own pace.

These types of private and personalized tools are helpful to customers, and advances the retail goals of your unique operation.

Here’s how it works (and looks):

1. Customer takes consultation

Consultation blog image (3)

A simple series of screens walks shoppers through the consultation, asking about preferred product types, desired effect, cannabis use, and more.

2. Customer receives recommendations

Our application uses your customer’s responses, combined with sales trend data, to suggest products from your store’s in-stock, available inventory.

Customers can browse the recommended products, grouped by consumption type. Clicking into each product will reveal more information, like THC%, terpenes, product description, and more, to help them make choices about what products to buy. 

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3. Customer places their order

In just a couple more taps, customers can add recommended products to their cart, browse related products, and then submit orders directly to your store’s point of sale for fulfillment.

That’s it! Simple, efficient, and customer-centric.


The short version

Many dispensary shoppers are still new to cannabis. They don’t know what products work best for them, or understand the difference between all the choices. Instead of walking up to a budtender and saying, “What should I get?” they can use an interactive technology to input their needs, preferences, and desires and receive suggestions.

Seed is dedicated to making your workflow easier and creating an enhanced shopping experience for your customers. Schedule a demo with us to learn more!

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