Cannabis 101: Satisfy education reqs with kiosks

Customers need to know about cannabis, terpenes, cannabinoids, and more. Use your in-store kiosks to satisfy education requirements.

Since day one, Seed Technology has focused on educating consumers on the benefits, differences, and risks of cannabis. 

See how your dispensary customers can learn Cannabis 101 on our touchscreen kiosks.

Why cannabis education matters

Colorado recently celebrated ten years of legalization, but cannabis dispensaries are still new and novel in many places. Even in established markets, inexperienced consumers visit dispensaries for the first time every single day. There’s not yet common knowledge.

That’s why cannabis education is so important. It’s helpful for even the most casual consumers to understand the basics: THC, CBD, consumption methods, sativa vs. indica vs. hybrid, expected effects, dosage, etc. 

The key is to provide this information in easy to understand, easy to access, and easy to remember formats.

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Cannabis education may be required

Some states, including Missouri, have education requirements built into their compliance regulations. The rules vary, but often cannabis dispensaries must provide a certain level of education to customers, including product details, testing information, and more. 

It’s also common to require certain disclaimers or pamphlets educating on the risk of addiction, with state-specific contact information.

Check with your state to see what level of cannabis education, if any, you’re required to provide. Be sure to satisfy those requirements, but then you can do the industry and your shoppers a service by providing even more. 

About Seed’s Cannabis 101

The Cannabis 101 feature comes standard with Seed, regardless of whether you have self-service ordering enabled. In addition to the education feature, shoppers can also access a consultation (to get personalized product recommendations) and browse your real-time product inventory.

The benefit of taking education digital is customers can learn at their own pace while increasing the likelihood that they’ll leave with products that facilitate a safe and successful consumption event.

Here’s an example of what your dispensary customers can learn:

FAQ, glossary, and topics in cannabis

Common terms, questions, and concepts in cannabis are explained in a format tailored to the in-store experience. Customers can click through, find definitions or FAQs, read the content, and continue exploring. 

Each section is written in easy-to-understand language, applicable to learners of all levels. 

Cannabis product information

Give your customers the up-to-date information they need to have a positive shopping experience.

With the built-in cannabis product details, customers can learn about your in-stock inventory, not just cannabis information in general. This section includes the following information:

  • Product category (flower, edibles, etc.)
  • Product name
  • Supplier
  • Weights and prices
  • Description
  • THC %
  • CBD % (if applicable)
  • Onset time
  • Duration
  • Tags (such as Indica, Sativa, Sale, etc.)



Customers can also add products to their cart as the learn and browse, increasing cart sizes. Bonus: They are more likely to enjoy their purchase, and find the right cannabis products for their needs, with the time and space to browse and learn.

The short version

Education is important for cannabis consumers, and even required as part of some state compliance laws. Don’t skimp on this responsibility. 

The ultimate goal is for dispensary customers to find products they’ll enjoy. Adding self-service cannabis education to your store is another way to connect people with the right products for their needs and desires.

Seed Technology is dedicated to creating automated opportunities to enhance the shopping experience for your dispensary customers. 

Schedule a demo to learn more about our self-service software with built-in education, product consultation, and self ordering.

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